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Testing websites and content for accessibility involves a lot more than automated online tests. We optimise the wok-flow of your content by testing its functionality using the latest AT such as screen readers, magnifiers, voice commands and dyslexia specific solutions; on a range of devices and operating systems.

We also work with your developers to create a culture of accessible content development and provide hands on trainings courses on various AT.

Whether you have an existing website, or want to build a new website from scratch - we work with you to ensure that you remain accessible, and compliant. Our services range from basic accessibility guidelines  and best-practices; to in-depth usability testing and rapid benchmarking.

Accessible = Good

It is a legal requirement for all content to be accessible. But it is also good for your business.

Tesco implemented a fully accessible version of their on-line grocery store. It cost £35,000 to develop and generates an estimated annual revenue of £1.61m.

Lloyds TSB found that accessible web pages are up to 75% smaller than non-accessible pages, with the potential for huge bandwidth savings and reduced infrastructure demands.

Target stores paid $6 million in compensation as was not accessible to people with sight loss using assistive technology.

83% of disabled people 'walk away' from purchases because they feel unwelcome or the product or service offering is inaccessible. (Business Disability Forum).

The combined spending power of disabled people is estimated at £80 Billion per annum. How much of that is your business getting?

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